Recent works and orders .



Orders, exhibitions (spacial works, paintings) :

. 2013, Beijing,  Wangfujing, Art terroir, organised by COFCO, september.

. 2012, March, Korea, Seoul, Youngeun Museum of Contempory art, A path of light .
. 2012, April, Bruxelles, « Orient-Occident-Boghossian » Foundation, Jouvence and Art is a question.
. 2012, May, Shanghaidrawing up the illumination principles  of the « Shanghai Tower », 662m., in Poudong,
  for the « SongJian Ming-design-studio ».
. 2010, March, France, Albi, Implementation of light.
. 2010, December, France, Grenoble, « Le Magasin-CNAC », (collective exhibition).
. 2010, September, Germany, Magdeburg, Herbstsalon, (collective exhibition).
. 2009, December, Korea, Seoul, art consultant for the exhibition of works by Rouault from  the Pompidou Center.
. 2009, Korea, Seoul, scenography for a painting exhibition for the Pouchkine Museum in  Moscow.
. 2009, China, JiangYin, Gestes réfléchis, art illumination for the stadium in the city of  Jianying.
. 2008, China, Tanggu, color chart for the city of Tanggu, business quarter of Beijing.
. 2007, France, Color studies for the repainting of an former industrial building, in Pantin.
. 2006, France, « Le Vinatier » Hospital, Lyon, Conversation ; painting.
. 2006, April, France, Salon de Montrouge, Monet’s transgenetic poppies, (collective exhibition).
. 2006, Allemagne, Lemgo, Weserrenaissance-Museum, Deployed Time, Anamorphosis in space.
. 2005, September, Chine, Shanghai, for the closing ceremonies of the Années Croisées France/China, 
  Sponsored by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Penmanships of the wind.
. 2005, April, China, Hangzhou, Années Croisées France/China, Geometrical garden.
. 2005, May, France, Brive Hospital, Innocence ; painting.
. 2005, October, Allemagne, Magdeburg, under the patronage of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
  exhibition « The French in Magdeburg », (collective exhibition) with Willie Ronis.
. 2005, January, Paris, Servandoni Gallery, The colours of the wind, (personal exhibition).